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The Chapel's wine experts have the enviable task of tasting wines from a wide range of suppliers to ensure they meet their exacting standards before they reach the customer. The best wines from France and the New World are hand-picked and are changed every six months. From reasonably priced house wines to the best Bordeaux, the Chapel's wine list has something for everyone.

But for those who prefer another brew, The Chapel has a wide selection of beers. Portobello Star and Black Sheep are served on tap while draught lagers include Carlsberg, Portobello Pilsner, Poretti and San Miguel. Bottled beers include Corona, Erdinger, Brooklyn Lager and Mahou, Peroni.

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Single malt whiskeys, port, armargnac and cognac are all on the menu as are all major spirits and, of course, juices and other non-alcoholic drinks.